Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Garden of the Gods"

 Pikes Peak through the window of the Siamese Twins Rock formation. 

I'm finding that Colorado Springs has plenty 
to offer if you love the great outdoors. 
One of our favorite spots to take visitors is to the
 "Garden of the Gods", 
or as Ivan kept calling it while on his visit, 
"Garden of the Gospel"!  
Come visit us! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

At SeaWorld the Flamingos walked right by us!
What a treat that was.
 Tommy, Shayna and the boys arrive in Huntington Beach!!!!
 Playing in the tent in our courtyard! Super nice weather!
The boys very involved with the TRAINS!
 Beach time and "In & Out Burgers"! 
 Yummy SMORES!
 Gathered around the FIRE making SMORES!
 Beach activities.
 Learning the art of GREAT SMORE making!
 We have a WINNER!
 Sharing the goodness!
 Love playing in the sand.
 . . . . and carrying the ocean water

 . . . Grandpa teaching the boys about "FIRE".

 . . . and rides
 . . . . and water rides

 All the boys had a great time. 
Grandma watching all the fun!
 . . . . and climbing
 . . . higher and
 . . . and higher
 Getting dizzy on the train!
Grandma rode this ride once and ONCE was enough!

. . . and more fun RIDES!
 Visiting Codi, Jessica and their girls for a fun, fun, fun day 
at their water park. (See photos below.)
 Ashton and Weston preparing for the big wave to hit!

 SeaWorld Adventures!

 a Great Show!

 Unbelievable . . . pretty amazing whales!

 Having some fun on the rides.

 . . . and some lovin'
 whoa . . . the BIGGEST RIDE of all!
We had a great day at SeaWorld!
We had a great time when Tommy, Shayna and the boys came
to visit us this summer in Huntington Beach!
We are so grateful to have the opportunity to live
in fun places and have fun times with our children
and their spouses and with our grandchildren.
What great memories we have made over the years
while here in HB playing on the beach, going whale watching,
 HB Street Market Nights, riding bikes everywhere
and enjoying the fabulous weather here.
Thanks Huntington Beach for treating us right and
Thanks to all who have come to visit us here!

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa Bell! 
We can't wait to see you again!

Next post . . more summer fun!

oops I forgot the pictures of our Whale Watching Tour!
Started out with perfect weather and got a bit
chilly towards the end.
Not sure if they enjoyed the whales or the ring pops more!