Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Grandpa Bell, Stephen, Tom and I all went on a CRUISE!
It was a beautiful day as we set onward to the ocean.

We were going to be sure to find ways to relax on our seven day adventure.
And saw some beautiful sights and clear water.
The first stop was Cabo San Lucas.

There were some awesome waves on the ocean side of this beach and around the corner where 
our water taxi dropped us off it was quite calm (in the bay) and everyone was on the 
beach, or in the water with a dozen water taxis coming and going.
Dangerous riptides here.
You can see our cruise ship and the water taxis and jet skis and everyone enjoying the water.
Early morning coming into the port.
As we walked through the market and tourist section EVERYONE was asking us 
"You want to go fishing?"  So after Grandpa got tired of walking he found 
a lone chair outside a shop and took a rest . . .then started asking everyone as they walked by,
"You want to go fishing?"  . . .Well it was quite funny if you had been there! :)
We took a tour of the Glass Blowing Factory.  This was a beautiful floor in the shop showing of
beautiful designs with glass.  Time consuming and beautiful.
We stood and watched these two men made the glass sculpture. 
They were quick and it was quite nice.

Walking on the boardwalk area of Puerto Vallarta.  Lots of artists
dancers and acrobats trying to entertain us and make
a few bucks .  It was quite entertaining indeed. 

Puerto Vallarta


We had a great time. It was very relaxing. The food was good . . too good. Ate too much
of course.  The rooms were nice.  The shows were enjoyable. We read our books
in our lounge chairs, played settlers of catan and rumicube. Had unlimited soft ice cream cones.
And had the chocolate buffet for lunch on Friday (well I did). 

And enjoyed our time with Stephen and Grandpa Bell.