Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Brave Little Taylor

You just have to watch this video. It is just a small view into how much 
Taylor LOVED the ocean. It's crazy. Remember this is taken
in MARCH when the air was chilly, sunny but chilly and the
water was pretty darn cold. But she would not be stopped
purple lips and all. Never cried wanted to keep crawling into
the ocean until her daddy would pick her up.
Way to go baby Tazor Cakes!

Friday, May 17, 2013

We Love the Beach!

Our little miss Taylor LOVED the beach!  It didn't matter to her that it was a bit chilly 
or that the water was COOOOOLD!  I thought the water was cold but she just 
wanted to go in it.  The waves didn't bother her and the sand didn't bother her 
and the COLD didn't bother her. The only thing to stop her was her DAD! 
When her lips got purple/blue we had to take her out and warm her up. . . 
then she was ready to go again!

The boys on the other hand preferred the warmth of the umbrellas and sand.  
They did like the sand but they didn't really like the COLD water like
 little miss TAY TAY!  Next time boys! The three of them are such happy children. . .
 We are glad Mom and Dad wanted to come to the beach to play!  Come again real SOON!

 We love our snacks!  YUMMY