Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ashton is ready for a big dive. . . Grandma, Ashton, Tommy and Shayna go visit the aquarium. It was quite nice. . . I must say.

Ashton enjoying the ride in the car. Ashton and I became good buddies!
Ashton and Grandma play PEEK -A- BOO . . . .

Ashton is such a happy boy:)

Ashton's adventures in the kiddie play land
Back home playing with one of my favorite toys. Ashton seems to always have a smile.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Briar Woods Beats rival Broad Run :)

Marianne : COURT TIME

Checking in on the kids at BYU

Mom visits Marianne as BYU wins two over Air Force and top ranked Wyoming!
Family and friends join the fun. Nephi and Ruby, Big brothers Tommy and Jeff with Katy (Jeff's girlfriend). Sean Gygi (a childhood friend)his mom Lori, brothers Jared and Taylor and Sean's girlfriend Lori cheer Marianne on.

Tommy and Jeff cheer on little sister.