Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in . . . .

Yesterday we were offically snowed in. It was a real BLIZZARD out there. Not fit for man or beast. So we just stayed inside all day until 4 pm when it calmed down so we could once again shovel our driveway! We got around another 5 - 6 inches I think and the winds were 30- 40 mph gusts! It was COLD and miserable outside. So no new snow pictures from yesterday. :(

So what have we been doing? Lots of TV a few video games and for me SCRAPBOOKING. I ran across this picture of us with Greg and his boys many years ago. Cute :) Do you think Tommy and Peter look a little like Ashton and Weston. Well, maybe a little? Funny!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And After the Storm . . . .

I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is after a storm.
It is Sunday morning and it is a gorgeous day!
Tons of pure white snow! And a beautiful BLUE sky!
And a warm sun!
We are certainly grateful for a warm home and
the health and strength to be able to
dig out from the 32 inches of SNOW!

One of my favorites. It's cool to see a perfectly carved out
walkway. You can really see how deep it is!
Never seen quite this much at one time.
I do enjoy the snow but glad we still have power!

Do you think the mailman will be able to deliever the mail?

Another hidden mailbox and the stick with the pink ribbon
. . . well that's is where the fire hydrant is hidden.
The snow is too deep for the children to play in the back yard.
Small children would be lost . . . . in one small step.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Now most of you realize that Tom is called BIG Tom for a reason.
Do you see that he is throwing the snow over his head
to clear the driveway. CRAZY
and we are somewhat tired after all that snow removal today!

This side is not quite as high but pretty close.

Our front tree is getting lost in all that snow :(

Kim is trying to "slide" out the front door.
But she got a little stuck in the deep snow.

Snow Queen for Record Snow Fall

That's right! Katie is this year's SNOW QUEEN!
The Snow Ball has been SNOWED OUT!
Maybe the SNOW QUEEN could make it
STOP SNOWING! Maybe she wants it to snow more!
So they just announced her winning the honor
at school before they closed the school down
and the actually all of the Northern Virginia Area and more.
We are officially SNOW IN!
It's hard to see but Tom and I did the first part of the driveway
earlier this morning and the snow is already piled up
almost as high as the lamp post. The mailboxes are close
to being covered up. I don't think we will bother with clearing
off the front porch it will be a chore just toget the driveway
cleared to get out someday. It is still snowing and expected to
snow until later today early night time. We are resting up
before heading back out to shovel more!
The real problem is that we have a very long driveway! HELP!

The mail boxes.

Already shoveled this clear once.

Looking out the back door.

The neighbors fence is almost covered up. And it's still snowing strong.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Cinderella . . . .

Singing in the opening village scene.
Bumping into her Prince by accident in the village.
Love at first sight?

The spotlight is on Cinderella as she decends the stairs entering the " Ball".

The magical romantic dance.

The "glass slipper" fits!

Cinderella with her fairy god mother and little furry little friends.
The "wedding dress" .
Another the "shoe fits".

Cinderella singing with her step-mother and step-sisters.
Off to the castle in the pumpkin carriage.
Some of the cast after the show.
Cinderella and her Prince!
Cinderella is so pretty!
Cinderella was very popular after every show!
Her legs were a little shaky after squatting
to sign autographs and take photos with all the little princesses!