Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Poster for the Show
The Cast . . . Do you remember their names?
Who killed the Body's?
Mr. Plum with the ROPE?
Miss Scarlet with the WRENCH?
Col. Mustard with the CANLDESTICK?
Mrs. Green with the REVOLVER?
Mrs. White with the KNIFE?
Miss PEACOCK with the LEAD PIPE?
Katie and Lindsey
Katie & Dillon
With Mom & Dad after the show. Those are her dead eyes.
(and after a fewtears since this was the seniors last show
on the Briar Woods Stage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and Fun!

It was a near perfect day for viewing the cherry blossoms
on the mall in downtown DC. The weather was perfect.
The crowds were big but not the biggest we've seen.
The only downside is the driving. But we were able to minimze that.

Greg, Donna and Emily came to visit us for a long weekend.
WE all enjoyed the weather, the sites and their company!

In front of the Capitol Building!

Down on the FARM at Mount Vernon
George Washington's Manison and Planation.

Peter and Jen in front of the Mansion!

Peter putting the squeeze on his GIRL'S!

But this GIRL is his ALL TIME FAV!

Emily and Kim messing around.


A younger George Washington

The sun starting to set off the Tidal Basin!