Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jensen Family Reunion 2010

Most of the clan . . . playing and cheering on the field games.
Have you visited the web page I built with all my reunion photos?
The twins give Ander lots of loving . .
we really missed our two guys
Ashton & Weston!
Kathy showing us some of her skills.
Kimmy and Ali try following in Kathy and Jeff's footsteps.
The girls try their best against the guys . . .
. . . the only way to win was to let go. OUCH!
Is that winning?
Jeff against the many in a tug of war contest . . .
. . . okay many children :)
Kathy making a great catch!
Tom getting blasted by water ballons!
Marianne and Brad tie for 1st place in the ballon toss with
Tripp and Brandon.

Teams are ready of the water ballon toss.
Kimmy adds a pretty bow to Abby's outfit.
Enjoying the evening sunset on Grandma Teresa's backyard.