Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Big Sister!

Hi, Pam's family has started a blog to share with everyone their quest for Pam to be cancer free. I've added their blog to the right so those of you who wish, may be able to follow her family's journey.  I've be blessed to be able to spend a few days here with this wonderful family who loves and cares about each other so deeply. I've certainly enjoyed my time here with not only Pam, Ric and her family but with also fun times spent with my brothers and sister in laws!  I to pray for their miracle to come true.  Thanks to the Mullis family for sharing this with us.

Love you all Rosemary

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Triplet Video #3

We had so much fun this past week.  Can't wait until another 
BIRTHDAY PARTY comes around!

Triplet Birthday Video #2

We had so much fun watching them dig into their cakes and
eat handfuls of cake & frosting.  They all seemed to 
enjoy their delightful treat.

Triplet Birthday Video #1

Grandkids and BIRTHDAYS!

It has been a busy couple of months.  Last year we were busy with
new grandbabies being born and this year we are busy with lots of birthdays.
I was unable to be there for Tommy and Shayna's twins 1st birthday
and Ashton's 6th birthday since they live a very lonnnnng ways away.
 But grateful that Shayna blogged about their birthdays.
 It looked like they all had great celebrations. I hope she doesn't mind me
stealing some photos off her blog to add to my blog as
 I celebrate grandkids BIRTHDAYS!
Tommy and Shayna's family.
Here is Nixon and Cooper they just turned 1in Feb.  They are so cute!
Here is Weston, Nixon, Cooper and Ashton. Ashton just turned 6 years old!
 What a handsome young man.
 Mommy loves her guys!
 Big brother taking care of younger brothers. I'm sure your singing was great.
This is such a cute photo that Shayna did for the twins 1st birthday!
I love these boys!  We miss seeing them.  We are happy for the great experiences
 they are having but miss spending time together.
 Don't grow up too fast. Can't wait to play with you again.
 WE love you all and your beautiful blue eyes!  Handsome guys.

And Now for the Triplets Birthday
We were so lucky to be able to have the triplets here in CA for their 1st birthday.
So we had a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.  It was so fun playing with these cute babies.
They are growing up so fast. Taylor was born first, then Carder then Cruz.

I think my favorite treats were the Cat in the Hat cake pops and the marsh mellows dipped in chocolate.
And the Green Eggs and Bacon :)

 Handsome little Carder Boy
Cute little Tay-Tay
 Handsome little Cruzer
 Marianne and Brad drove down to play for a week.
Tay Tay is ready for the beach!
 . . .  and so is Carder and
 . . . Cruz.
 Aunt Katie even drove down to celebrate with us!

 It was so funny to watch the kids eat their birthday cake.
A little cautious in the beginning but after they
got a taste of all that yummy favor they really dug into their cakes.
 Mommy with her happy crew.
We have two more grandkids birthdays to celebrate this year.
Weston and Ivan. We can't wait! We love you all.

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