Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grandsons Come to Play

Ashton and Weston came to visit us for a couple of days and boy did we have fun!
We went to the beach TWICE, flew our kite on the beach, dug holes, played in the water,
ate lunch, had yummy Chocolate Chip COOKIES, played with toys, built with LEGOS,
made very tasty SMORES,  slept in a TENT, had yummy IN N OUT, and
even planted pea seeds in Grandmas Pots  . . look how big they are getting!

Picnic on the beach . . .  they picked their own lunches.  

 Sleepover in the tent . . it's been a BIG DAY!
 Even had our own flashlights!
 Smores with Grandpa and Grandma!
I think it was more fun to make them then to EAT them!

 We flew our kite and buried each other in the sand!

 In N Out is Yummy!
Milkshakes are the BEST EVER!
                                     See our boys growing!
 See our plants growing!

I love your funny faces Weston!
And your always smiling face Ashton!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peter's Graduation
Congratulations Dr. Peter B. Bell

Proud parents :)

One BIG happy family!
Downtown D.C. sights.
Matt, Peter and Josh
He looks pretty good strolling down the street in uniform and
triple stroller!

Jen's parents Doug and Laura there to celebrate as well.
I believe this is Cruz taking a snooze!
Pretty little Taylor.  She loves to stretch! Wearing her cute
Doctor outfit. All the babes were sporting these
to congratulate DADDY!
 Celebrating graduation on a Washington DC downtown rooftop.  It was a beautiful
day and a great ending to a great day.  Congrats Peter!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Went to see where Grandpa Bell grew up.  This is the house as it is today
and below you will see the house as it was when Grandpa was young.  We met
the young couple who now live in the house and they let us take a look.
 It was fun to hear Grandpa tell a few stories.  The fireplace is still original,
 they have added on a master bathroom but it looks pretty much the same as
it did except the trees and bushes are MUCH MUCH larger!
 He showed us where the refrigerator was by the back door because back
then it really was an ICE BOX and the ice man would deliver the ice and
open a back door to the ice box from outside so he could put ice in to
 keep the ice box cold.
We sure love our modern refrigerators!
The house as is was many years ago.
Valleybrink Road, 
John E. Bell,  Grandpa's Mom - Margaret Sarah Baker and
Grandpa Bell as a handsome young man.