Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Christmas Christmas

Very tasty cinnamon rolls!

Showing off of few new items.

BYU Beats Oregon St. in Vegas Bowl

Max Hall and Coach Mendenhall with the trophy!
Jeff"s turn with the prize.

Gotta sign for the fans!
Happy Mom and Dad.

Jeff with Kathy and her parents.
Jeff with the Barbour brothers.
Jeff & Tom with Greg, Jared and Cole.
On the field with Jeff and the team celebrating the WIN!
Kathy sporting my warm over pants. :) It fits?
Folding the flag up.
Having a difficult time putting the flag away with all the wind.
It was very pretty seeing all the waves in the football field sized flag just it was difficult for those trying to hold the flag down. I thought for a minute it was going to lift some guys off the ground. They had to put all their weight into holding it down. Then Cosmo and the BYU cheerleaders and others helped to hold on to the flag as everyone could see it was starting to get away from some.

Before the game.

Jared, Cole and Greg!

Jeff and Coach Mendenhall

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Another Happy Birthday to Katie and Kim
This time with Dad and Peter.
Day two of shoveling SNOW . . .

Our Sunday morning family service project.

Peter arrives just in time to help finish the neighbors driveway.

That's alot of SNOW my friend!

It all looks good now.

Time for some fun in the SNOW!

And SNOW sledding!

And FALLING down!

We had a great day together!

TheBig 18!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Twins B'day

Flowers for Kim from Jon :0 !

Alex from the ward wishing the twins a happy birthday and for
Kim's 1000th point in basketball as well.
Jen went out to dinner with the girls and I. Tom was out of town
for a couple of days and Peter was busy with finals. We will celebrate
again on Sunday with the whole family that is here.
More pictures to come I hope.


I'll try to get more pictures tomorrow. I only got ones from the front or back door. It was cold and windy AND SNOWING ALL DAY! I'm not sure but I think we got at least 13 inches of snow but I think more like 16 or so. The high tomorrow is only going to be 29. Church has been cancelled. All stores are closed even 24 hour grocery stores. You need an SUV type car to get out of the neighborhoods now. The main roads are passable but barely. Not enough snow plows to keep up with all the snow. Tom spent over 5 hours out shoveling the driveway through the first foot or so. I helped for half that time. and then we swept the driveway several more times as an inch more or so was on the first half by the time we got to the end. And now there is another 4 -5 inches on the drive way we get to clear in the morning. :) It's pretty crazy!