Monday, September 27, 2010

Katie's 24 hour Theatre & Zion National Park

Katie's 24 Hour Theatre Group. She performed the same day as the
opening BYU football game. I was in town for the weekend so
naturally I was excited to go. Kim and I left the football game early to
be able to see Katie on stage. You can see from Kim's
somewhat sweaty looking face that we were quite
warm coming from the stadium. It was very warm in
those stadium seats! The Cougs won though!
Five different groups of five performed skits that were written
practiced and performed in 24 Hours.
I think the twins are glad to be in the same area going to college.
That way they can still do things together but still get their
own unique college experience.
They know how to have fun!

After spending Labor Day weekend with the kids in Provo I met up
with my best friend Lori. She was taking her son up to BYU Idaho
and I tagged along. After getting Taylor settled in school we headed back
towards her home in Arizona. I've never seen the
Grand Canyon so I talked her into taking me there.
Our first stop though was at Zion National Park.
These massive canyon walls ascend towards a brilliant blue sky!
Zions National Park was beautiful. The valley was a beautiful
contrast to the massive cliff walls.
The Virgin River flows through the canyon.
We hiked up to the Emerald Pools area.
There are three levels lower, middle and upper pools.
There was not much water flowing over the falls but
it was still a beautiful site being able to hike so close
to the towering cliff walls.
We even saw a tarantula along the trail!
We had to take a photo of all the little rock statues that everyone has made.
They are called cairns. (A human made pile of stones.)
These were taken at the upper pool area. The cliff walls went
straight up from that point. It was awesome!
This photo is of the middle pool falls.
Part of the unique trail we were hiking on.

We we lucky enough to see some Bighorn Sheep on our drive
through part of Zion National Park. Some say they are rarely seen
so we were excited to get some nice photos of them and watch them for a bit.
Part of the Vermilion Cliffs. I want to go back to hike and take
photos of this area as well. THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE!

More coming soon - THE GRAND CANYON

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ashton's feet catching some waves.
Weston checking out the water.
I'd like to do this someday.
We all had a wonderful time.
The boys RUNNING from the waves!

Grandpa's thumb is in the picture too.
It was a bit cold, but it was still fun.
Playing in the sand warmed us up :)

I love my grandkids!
. . . so does Grandpa!
Daddy playing with his boys.
We had a great trip relaxing and spending time with
Tommy, Shayna, Ashton and Weston.
We also enjoyed our visits with
Great Grandma and Grandpa Bell.
Thank you for letting us come stay with you.

I'm BACK . . . From SAN DIEGO!

ASHTON, WESTON and I made cupcakes for
Happy Birthday to SHAYNA!

Finger licking good!
Weston's approval!
Ashton's approval!
CHOCOLATE cake with PINK frosting and
CHOCOLATE sprinkles!
And we RESTED from our LABORS.