Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marianne's Birthday & Graduation from BYU

Graduation Day . . . . Way to go Marianne!

Kim, Marianne and Katie. We love you all!
Proud and happy Dad and Mom!

The Bell Tower
Karee, Kim, Marianne and Katie
The Bells and Jurgensmeiers enjoy the day with Marianne.
Brad and Mars in front of the BYU Cougar!

Enter To Learn Go Forth To Serve!

The World Is Our Campus!
A lovely graduate!
Melissa (Melanie Mullis's sister) and Marianne . . . . . it's a small world.

In the Marriott Center.

Happy Birthday Marianne from everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kathy's Visit to DC

The Lincoln Memorial
Kathy & Jen with the Washington Monument in the background.
The reflecting pool is under renovation.
The Vietnam War Memorial wall.

The Korean War Memorial
In front of the White House.

Blossoms in front of the White House.

The South Lawn of the White House.
The Washington Monument
The Capital Building . (picture taken from top of the Old Post Office Pavilion)
In front of the Old Post Office Pavilion.

The Washington Monument from across the Tidal Basin.
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin.
The Washington Monument. Pretty cool colors with the clouds and such.
You can really see the different shades of the monument where
they started and stopped building it for a time due to lack of funds.
The Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin.
Cherry Blossoms and the Washington Monument.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in the background.
The World War II Memorial
The Washington Monument taken from the World War II Memorial.
These next few photos were taken when Jen, Kathy and I went
to visit the Eastern Market. We tasted lots of yummy food
and enjoyed walking around the market looking at paintings,
photos, hand made items, all kinds of flea market type things,
fresh baked goods, flowers and fresh produce.
One of the most interesting things was this guy making animal figurines
out of strips of tin from beer and soda cans. Amazing!
And yes it did rain but we were lucky enough to be under cover
during the cloud burst and then made it to the car before
too many rain drops fell on us.

I had a great time and hope that Kathy enjoyed her visit of DC.
Next post . . . Marianne's graduation from BYU!