Monday, October 29, 2007

Ashton visits Grandma and Grandpa

Taking in the DC sights with Grandma.

Gotta love that face :)

We all are enjoying this little guy . . . He is so darn happy all the time!

Happy little ASHTON!
Ashton having fun with Peter!

Jenn's Birthday

Which lucky lady will get the rose?
Peter are you trying to help Jenn?

Such a cute couple . . . . Happy Birthday Jenn! :)

I think Katie wanted the rose . . . . !

Briar Woods Homecoming Parade

Katie as a pretty PINK LADY!

Getting some parade time!


Tom and Rose with the Jensen kids watching the parade!

Briar Wood Varsity Volleyball

Congratulations Kim on a fine season!

Great Block KIM! Going down!

Kim making the hit!

Kim making the dig! And below on the serve!

Kim making a great block!

Kim and her teamates!

Team members enjoy the victory on Senior night for Jessica . . .

Briar Woods JV Volleyball

Kim , me, Peter and Katie after the game. A victorious night.

Katie making the block! :)

Katie making a great pass!

Katie with another good block and Katie making the big hit!

Katie and her teamates!

Katie and Casey enjoying the victory!

Katie and her teamates after their final game against Potmac Falls. The team had a very successful season posting an 15 - 3 record! Go Briar Woods Falcons!