Monday, November 24, 2008

After the Show - The Queen

Oh, did I forget to mention that I made the Queen's dress! :)
Having some fun after the final show.
Queen Moss and the Kings Faithful Servant - Fiorello
King Oakley and Queen Moss

Beautiful Queen Moss and "The Dress"

Sweet William, Princess Camelia, King Oakley and Queen Moss

Queen Moss and Fern "The Nanny"

The Queen greeting little Princessess after the show.

Preparing the Queen for the show.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Queen Moss - The 12 Dancing Princesses

The King and Queen with the 12 Dancing Princesses.

The Queen
Our beautiful Katie!
Katie on stage.
Watch . . . More to come.

Go Cougars!

The BYU flags are carried around the field after each BYU score!

Jeff getting ready for action!

The crowning moment!

That's right. Ladies in the end zone!

A Cougar Fan and his football buddy!

Get it Kohen! And while you're at it get blue ALL over your clothes.

I'm not washing those clothes! He better not get dirty!
REALLY. . . I have no idea what Erin was up too?
We had a great time with all the extended family.

And the Cougar cheering goes on . . .
Bonus :) Fawn , Paul and family.
Double bonus . . NAME ON JERSEY!
Triple bonus . . . no extra workout tonight!
Sweet form Mars! :0
Seeing some action . . . in the Marriot Center!