Friday, July 20, 2012

HB 4th of July

It was a very nice parade.  You have to go the day before the parade starting at
7 am to stake out your piece of land to sit and watch the parade from.
You stake out your section to sit in and put up chairs and your name.
We had a great spot.  We walked from our house to our spot and sat
and watched the parade and all the people.  It was great.

That evening we watched the fireworks ALL around us from our rooftop deck!
We could clearly see at least five different firework displays going off . .
PLUS Huntington Beach is crazy for the 4th and there were
fireworks going off all over the neighborhood --
BIG ONES! I could
hardly believe it.  It was crazy.  Even kept us up some during the night.

Next year I'm riding my bike down to the beach.  They close off
the street for all the people. We rode our bikes down earlier in the day
to see all the vendors and all different kinds of people. .

A very good diner located at the end of the pier.  Yummy burgers and shakes to
eat while watching the sunset over the ocean.

This reminds me of an OLD TRACTOR that we had on our farm!
I think it is almost the same?  It is exactly how I remember it!

Grandpa Bell said that this Bread Truck is how they brought bread to his family
in the depression days.  People could not afford to drive to the store
so the store brought the bread to their homes much like the milk man
and the ice man.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sailing Away

 Rich & Laurie take us on 2 great days of sailing.

Yummy lunch at sea. 

We set sail off of Alamitos Bay for a wonderful day  of sailing. We had a great time. We saw the Catalina Express. It takes you over to Catalina Island where I hope to visit as part of my California experience. We saw sailboats racing, sea lions that congregate on the buoys, oil rigs, and downtown Long Beach. Tom and I were even entrusted with the responsibility of steering.

I even had the opportunity to go with my friend Lori and her son Jared. 
We had another great day of sailing, but it was quite windy so we had 
quite the ride. We saw what seemed to be hundreds of wind surfers.
 It was quite the sight. And a very patriotic parasailor. 
Thanks to Rich & Laurie for another great day had by all. 

Captain & First Mate aboard the Serendipity.