Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Jekyll and Hyde - Briar Woods High School

Katie with some of her fellow actors . . . I need to get better pictures as Katie gets killed in the play and has on her death looking make-up! Hopefully we will get some pictures from the play. Still she is gorgeous! Katie plays Lady Beaconsfield. She really is doing a great job. She still has two shows this coming weekend. Keep it up Katie! :)

Katie with some of the Red Rat Ladies!

Erin and Nathan come to opening night.

BYU Bowl Game 2007 vs. UCLA

Tom and Peter meet up with Tommy and the Barbour's in Vegas for the big game. The guys all had a great time . . . of course the victory helped make the celebration way better!
Happy faces after BYU finally secures the victory. We love our cougars! Go BYU!

It was great having Greg come to the game. A fun time was had by all.