Friday, May 28, 2010

Powder Puff Football

Even though we lost :( and the twins are dirty and
weary they let me take a few photos after the game!

Do you remember the twins being called "Search and Destroy"?
Well, that is what they put on the backs of their t-shirts for
their names. :) too funny!

Jon and Kim after the game!
Dad wants in the picture.

Katie thinks she has broken her nose? She smashed into
another girls head! Ouch.!
I think it looks straight but it is very sore!
Katie on defense.
Kim at quarterback and Katie playing center.
Let's go SENIORS!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Last Seniors 2010

We had some fun while in Redlands for the Jeff & Kathy's wedding.
And took some pictures of the twins to hopefully use
as Senior Prints. Marianne and Kellie B. hung
with us and we had fun even though Kim and I
thought we might be LOCKED in the library
patio area! FOREVER! :) I love my daughters!
I think they are beautiful, fun and down right awesome!

It was quite windy and the air was very chilly even though the
sun was bright and sunny. It wasn't the best time of
day to take photos but we made the best use of our
time. I NOW want more than ever a REALLY SWEET CAMERA!
I hope your last days of being a high school senior are fun and happy times. Cherish the memories made forever.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hair BY Jen

Yes, Jen is our hair dresser! And We Love Her!
Thank you Jen for a wonderful hairdo!

You're the best Jen. . . don't know what we
would have done without YOU!

K & K Senior Prom

Kim and Jon Senior Prom 2010
There are more senior prom pics to come
this is just some of the many!

thanks to Mars for finding the DRESS!
Thanks to Jon for helping Kim find the jewelry!
The final high school flower ceremony!

Hair by JEN! :)
Photos by DAD!
Dad and his girls'
Katie with her date Matt.
Katie with a few of her friends.
Katie loves the guys!
Group shot!
In front of the Limo!
Our turn to get in the limo!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Just married Kathy & Jeff dance the night away!

Bradley & Marianne
Kim and Ashton swinging on the swing!

Jake, Brandon, Katie, Kim & Tory
The Bell Girls are Dancing Beauties!
Everyone really had a great time
dancing together. The music was
perfect. The weather was perfect!
AND so was the company!
The guys dancing it up too!
Peter & Ashton
Kellie and Ashton were dance partners for quite a while.
Shayna with Westie Bear!
Peter and Weston

Jeff & Kathy cutting the cake.
Mmmmm. . . . . .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Married - Jeff & Kathy Bell

The Happily Married Couple!

The Bridal Party
Jake, Tory, Jeff & Brandon
Groom & Groomsmen
Tory, Katie, Tommy, Jeff, Kim, Peter, Marianne
Tommy, Peter, Jeff, Tory
Katie, Jeff, Kim, Marianne
Mars & Jeffy
What kind of kiss is that PETER?
Grandpa with Ashton, Shayna, Tommy & Weston
Mom & Dad with their daughters
The Bell Girls with Grandpa Jack & Grandma Teresa
Kim, Grandpa Bell & Katie
Thank you everyone for coming to share this
day with us. . . Bell Family & Friends.
San Diego Temple