Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Second Birth

Katie was the lead in this play performed Oct. 20.
She was outstanding! Tom and I were both able to be there
to see her perform. I really enjoyed watching. We got to see it three
times and Katie did a great job all three times.
Way to go Katie . . . . Can't wait to see you in another!

Katie plays a bright young girl who has been raised as a boy since the age of 5.
Having no boys in the family she dresses in characteristic male
clothing and does all that a male would do. But when she turns of
age is required to be female again and marry. Having
played the role of a male it is believed that she will have a better
chance for having male children to carry on the family name.
A very interesting subject as she does not want to give up the
opportunity that she has been given, to get an education, hold a job
and go about freely. She is very smart and wants to continue
going to school. She doesn't know how to do female tasks.
It is a huge transformation! Well played Katie.