Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Blessings

It has been a busy busy BUSY year for the Bell Clan.  First with the TWINS being born in February
and the TRIPLETS in March.  In a few weeks we get to add one more :).
Here are a couple of photos from their blessing days.

 Here we are with Nixon Sawyer Bell on the left and Cooper Hunt Bell on the right.

 Great Grandpa Bell holding his great grandsons.
 Shayna's family with Grandpa Bell, Tom and I.
 What a beautiful family, Cooper, Tommy, Shayna, Nixon, Weston and Ashton.
 The Bells.

 And now the TRIPLETS.  Here is beautiful Tay Tay in her pretty dress.

 Grandpa Bell with the boys. 

 I'm not 100% sure but I believe I'm holding Cruz and Taylor and Tom is holding Carder.
 What a beautiful family!  Congratulations Peter and Jen.
Taylor Kay Bell
Cruz William Bell
Carder Thomas Bell

Jen's parents, Doug and Laura Green

Meeting Great Grandparents

 Don't get mad at me if I get Cruz and Carder mixed up because I think they look
a lot a lot alike!  But I'm pretty sure this is Great Grandma Teresa and Carder.

Grandma Teresa had a gift. The boys really liked her.  They were very calm and she
got them to sleep in a second.  Babies love Grandmas.  :)

 Great Grandma and Cruz.

 Tay Tay with the just waking up Kata.
 Great Grandma Teresa and Cruz.
 Great Grandpa Jack and Carder

Summer Fun

We spent several beautiful days on the Santa Monica Beach.  It was slightly over-cast in the morning with the sun coming out nice and bright by mid-day.  The pier is a lot of fun with the amusement
rides and such.  Kim, Katie and Dad tried their turn with paddle boarding.
They all did quite well and it was a lot of fun being on the waves with the boards.
The twins also got to go sailing with Rich and Laurie West.
We had a great time. Thanks again!

The now famous Santa Monica Carousel is the third carousel in the same location at theLooff Hippodrome. Charles Looff installed a Looff Carousel in the building in 1916 which was sold in 1939. It was replaced by a Parker Carousel and sold in 1947. The present carousel, a Philadelphia Toboggan Carousel, whch was on the Venice Amusement Pier, was moved to the building 1947. It originalhy had been built for a Tennessee Amusement park in 1922 featuring 44 magnificent hand-carved and hand-painted wooden horses. The horses performed their never-ending dance around the merry-go-round to the sound of an automated band. The carousal has been beautifully restored is now still fully operational and entertaining the young and young of heart.

Pacific Park opened in 1996 as a free admission amusement park. Santa Monica Pier had returned to its roots as an amusement pier, it had been over 60 years since the pier hosted theWhirlwind Dipper rollercoaster. Pacific Park has numerous attractions including a Ferris Wheel, a rollercoaster and bumper cars to name a few. Ironically, it is now the only amusement park on the West Coast that is located on a pier.
On September 9, 2009, Santa Monica Pier celebrated its 100th birthday. Santa Monica Pier has indeed come a long way. It stands as a memorial of its glorious past and a statement of many more magnificent years to come.

The Venice Art Walls are located on the sand in Venice Beach. As of June 3, 2007 artists with a valid permit are invited to express themselves and paint on the walls. The walls can be painted on only on weekends and holidays.
          The Venice Beach Skate Park. This 16,000 sq. foot skatepark is one of the only in the world located on a beach.
 It features two bowls, a snake run and a street section with steps, rails and platforms.
Muscle Beach Gym
Located steps from the sand on Venice Beach Boardwalk, Muscle Beach Gym is one of the treasures of Venice. 
Once the home gym of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, the newly outfitted facility still 
serves the community as the only outdoor weight room around.