Friday, June 5, 2015

Beach Time!

Ivan loves playing in the sand!
 . . . and working out with Dad!
 . . . and taking a nap with his brother on the beach!
 Jeff and Grandpa love the beach too!
 . . .  Grandma loves seeing her grandkids nap after lots of play time!
 Kathy loads up for the trek back to the car!
 Jeff and Ivan drawing in the sand!
 Isn't Derek just the cutest ever!
 . . . see he didn't sleep all of the time!
 . . . we even had the high chair on the beach!
 Paddle boarding fun!

 selfies at lunch

 Ivan ran from the waves all day! I don't think they ever caught him?
 Mom showing him some sand crabs.

 Dinner in the courtyard!
 Break time for snacks!
We had a great time on the beach with the kids!
So glad that Jeff, Kathy and the boys were able
to spend some time with us! 
Thanks . . we are going to miss this!