Thursday, September 29, 2011

. . . . more of our cross country trip!

Is that really true?
All I know is that Texas is a REALLY BIG State!

Yup we're in TEXAS!

Somehow I didn't get any pics of Jeff and Kathy.
We only saw them for one evening but we had a nice dinner with them
at the fabulous Pappasito's Cantina where Greg, Donna and Emily
first introduced us to this fabulous fine dinning experience.

What is a phone booth? Never seen that before . . . LOL!
The Alamo!
Does this look familar to anyone? Anyone?
That's much better Kim . . . get it together! NOW!
It was super way hot. Trying to cool off as we wait for the video.

Very pretty and interesting grounds at the Alamo.

Kim did NOT like her parents snoring!
Stopped by the UTEP Miners football stadium nestled in the rocks.
Looked out across the border into Mexico. A way different landscape.

Found a new temple along the way . . .
The Gila Valley Arizona Temple the 132 operating temple.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Finally I'm getting around to posting about our summer. It has been a busy busy busy
summer. We finally sold our home in VA and moved to CA!
Coast to Coast almost. WE . . . Tom, myself and the twins drove
two cars across country and made a few stops along the way.
Here a few things that made our trip

Above is a street sign showing that one side of the street is
in Virginia and the other side is Tennessee.

Goodbye Virginia!
Katie and Kim Playing it UP! The cars and truckers
on this busy intersection enjoyed the photo shoot.
Bristol Tennessee home of Country Music and
NASCAR's fastest half-mile track.
The metal sign in the distance showing us VA - TN.

That's right Dad and the twins are in the MIDDLE of the street!

All I know is that it was pretty darn hot in there and the stadium wasn't
even full of people and hot race cars heating it up even more!
Had to get a few pics of a real nice old fashion drive-in theatre!
Believe it or not the Katie said she had never seen one before. . .
That's just crazy!
Next on to New Orleans.
Cool place to visit and see once but not for me.

It was interesting to see the downtown and river area BUT it was
so nasty hot and humid my goodness! Never want to
live there. The best part of New Orleans was seeing
Tory, Jessica and new baby Cali.
They are doing very well and it was nice to spend a little time together.
Also got to see Todd and Shelly Grigor for a bit.
. . . still more to come!