Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kim and Andrew visit Cali . . .

What a beautiful day we had here near Laguna Beach.  We found a couple of beautiful places
to view the ocean and observe marine life. Very much different from Huntington Beach.
We had a very nice visit from Kim and Andrew during their spring break.
I'm still waiting for photos from our electric bike tour that were to be sent
to us. It was a fun tour.  I gotta say I like the electric bike but I'm not sure it gives me
the exercise I need.  :-)  It was fun to learn about the Santa Monica and Venice Beach areas.
More about that later. . . I hope.
Thanks again Kim and Andrew for coming to visit.  Sorry about the extended
car ride to the Hollywood sign. . . I promise to be better next time.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Guess what I got to do while Ashton and Weston's Mommy was having

2 healthy twin baby boys?

Grandma got to have fun with her
2 big boys!

Here are some of things we did. . . .

Lunch at COSTCO! Grandpas favorite.

Fly kites! . . . . Are they not the cutest ever? I didn't even see that Ashton
had his arm around Weston. I was too busy snapping the photo and hoping they wouldn't let GO of the Kite!

Play in the park.

Flying our new planes found in Grandmas . . ........treasure box!

A visit from Nephi and Ruby which included a sunset walk
on the BEACH!

We made whales out of


And celebrated Ashtons