Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marianne and Bradley's Open House & Brad's Birthday

Bradley enjoying a late birthday party with his family & ours! Happy B-Day Brad!

We had fruit kabobs, cheese & crackers, ham, crab dip, salsa & chips,

veggies and a yummy dessert table full of delight treats.

Thank you all for sharing this day with us in honor of Marianne and Brad's marriage.

BYU Football News - Jeff Bell

Jeff was interviewed by Greg Wrubell from KSL sports. If you go to the ksl web site you can hear the audio of his interview.

ksl sports - Cougar Tracks by Greg Wrubell. Go to Camp Cougar Day 6 (not the update)

look in the middle of the page under photo gallery and find XML Cougar Cuts and click on the audio button for Aug 14th BYU LB Jeff Bell

Go Jeffy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

BYU Football 2009 Poster - Photo Shoot

Look for #58 Jeff Bell in this season's BYU Football 2009 Poster!
What a great photo shoot. Here is the link to shooting the 2009 Poster at the Salt Flats. It really is pretty cool and some great photos! Go Cougars!

The link is not working for me when I load it here so either go to BYU Football web page and link to it from there or search for it on youtube under 2009 BYU Football Poster Shoot - BYU Photo.
Oh, we can order it from the BYU Bookstore online or go buy one. They are $5 each. Going on sell August 3rd from what the article said.