Friday, July 17, 2009

Let the racing begin . ..

We're lucky no one was seriously injured!

A Most Dangerous Race!

Are they really going to race up the slide . . . that is soapy
and there are no RULES!
Jen breaks away from the pack and is off and running.

Jeff somehow manages to escape the fury and is in a duel with Emily.

The rest of the pack is not so lucky and it is a fight to the finish.

Just when you think you are free and clear . . .

. . . wait has Jeff come back to make some tackles?

. . . and Marianne lets Brad know . . . not so fast young man.

. . . some are doomed to never finish.

Let the races begin!

Out on the FARM!

A little brotherly love and time for food.

Glad to be on vacation!

Love the hot tub!

Slip and sliding away!

Well, as a family we decided that we wanted to try and recreate and relive some old memories we had from the FARM! I think we did a fairly good job. We ate lots of FOOD! (including Mickey Mouse Waffles) We relaxed in the HOT TUB! We stayed up very very late EVERY night! We watched MOVIES on Grandmas big screen! We hung out lots of WET towels on the clothes line! And we even went SLIP AND SLIDING on the front lawn! Come see some of our FUN!
Things started out innocent enough . . . .

. . . playing with Ashton and the soapy suds!
. . . and Weston too . . .
Then things started to get more and more rowdy . . . .

. . . . and a little dirty.

. . . and a little scary . . .
. . . and a little tough on the body!
Young and OLD alike had fun!

. . . and twins . . .
. . . and soon to be married!

Marianne gets MARRIED!

Wow, what a great time we had. The wedding was great! It was a beautiful day. The weather was lovely, the lunch was yummy, sharing this day with family and friends was the best part. I was so busy with everything else that I wasn't carrying my camera around taking pictures :( so no candids from me :( but we have some fantastic pictures from the wedding. Some I have and some we will share a little later. Also thank you to Jack and Teresa for letting my crew hang out with you at the farm. I hope your house and yard recovers. Also thank you for all the help and support for the wedding etc. AND for the use of the boat and jet skis. We all had a great day at the lake. Love you guys! Hope the rest of your summer is super!